Box Junkie event booth.  High Quality Tees and Tanks



Box Junkie is a fitness inspired clothing line that began in the CrossFit community of South Florida in 2012.  Founded by a full time police office training at CrossFit Ripped, the brand launched in the early but competitive environment of CrossFit inspired clothing brands.  After seeing a similar opportunity pass by almost a decade prior in the MMA community due to a lack of action, the same mistake was not about to be made twice. 


With no experience in the world of fashion, design, screen printing, embroidery or textiles, it was a fly by the seat of your pants and “on the job training” type of environment in the beginning.  Lots of mistakes were made but the support from the Local CrossFit community kept the fire burning.  Just like our tag line “Inspired by Addiction,” it was the addiction that is CrossFit which the brand was born on and it was the addiction to this new found passion which continued to drive us forward into the well trusted and recognized brand Box Junkie is today.


The early days were filled with weekend competitions and nightly table set ups at Boxes and gyms all over Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.  Along the way support was provided by some incredible Athletes, Coaches, Event Directors and fellow Weekend Warriors in the Vendor Villages. 


From the humble beginnings of selling a single shirt out of a box in the back of a truck to being a Vendor at The CrossFit Games Southeast Regional event and shipping products worldwide, Box Junkie has become a common term within the CrossFit community.  Our brand has become recognizable and trusted in our Local community as well as across the United States and beyond. 


Through our growth as a lifestyle brand we have been able to help our biggest supporters along the way by assisting them not only financially, but through motivation and every way possible in order to achieve their goals.  From local fitness competitions to stepping into the world of MMA, The CrossFit Games and individual personal achievements, we have thrived in helping others reach their potential.  Box Junkie has taken part in fundraisers, charity events, and everything in between which is the most gratifying of all.  We are staunch supporters of the U.S. Armed Forces, Police and Fire Departments all across the USA as well as all other First Responders who protect this great nation both home and abroad.


We appreciate your time and support and look forward to being able to earn your trust and bring you into the Box Junkie Family one day soon.