Box Junkie: A Family Affair

Photo by: Jota Murillo

When my wife and I decided to start a Lifestyle Clothing Brand, we were excited and nervous all at the same time.  Having never owned a business or spent a day working in the clothing industry, this was like sprinting full speed into the unknown.  There were many late night discussions about everything from Federal Tax ID numbers to T-shirt colors.  We eventually decided to throw caution to the wind and jumped in with both feet (4 feet actually).  Thus far the response has been INCREDIBLE!  Box Junkie Apparel is now not only a recognized brand here in our home base of South Florida, but in Ireland, England, Australia, Germany and the list goes on.

Recently we had the opportunity to take part in a local competition, Caution Grounds III, hosted by Caution CrossFit.  The competition featured a Mommy/Daddy and Me event, which we were fortunate enough to be able to sponsor through Box Junkie.  My wife who has never in her life competed in any type of sport or physical activity, has lately begun to voice her desire to do so.  When this event came to our attention she wasted no time in enlisting the help of our 3 year old daughter, who has become her De facto training partner.   While neither of us expected this event to be a true test of her Strength, Stamina, Agility or Overall Athletic ability… no one goes from spectator to star overnight.  So for someone who has never stepped foot on a field or competition floor, this seemed like a great place to get her feet wet.  At the time I didn’t voice it, but I was proud that she was once again stepping outside her comfort zone and trying something new.

Our daughter who loves to go to the Box and “Workout” was also eager to participate, especially once she found out her little friends would be competing alongside with her.  As soon as the Kid's WOD was released, the two got to work and even ran through the workout the night before.  The nights leading up to the event my daughter would show me her Workout before bedtime which consisted of a ridiculous amount of perfect form Burpees, each followed by jumping over her mom's legs until she either became distracted or I had to physically stop her so she could go to bed. 

On the day of the event, I got there early as usual to set up the Box Junkie booth. Around noon I saw my ladies roll into the tent. They were looking competition ready!   My daughter, who apparently had been asking to Workout all morning, was decked out in Pink and sporting her New custom "Fit Chicks" T-shirt that we designed specifically for her and our friends from CrossFit Ripped, who had several little girls competing as well.  As the competition grew closer, my wife grabbed our daughter and went off to the side to warm up along with our friend Scott and his daughters.  Watching the two of them walk off together was Awesome and something I will never forget.

The moment of truth was finally here and the WOD was about to start.  My Box Junkie girls had come looking ready for battle and had done everything as if they were about square off against an undefeated champion, and then reality set in.  I am not sure if it was because she appeared to be one of the youngest kids there, was overwhelmed by the amount of people or how loud the music and cheers were but once the WOD started it became obvious that my daughter was more excited about the idea of the competition than the actual competition itself.  She became uncooperative and even began to cry.  My wife though was ready for the situation and quickly turned the tides.  She did not let our daughter quit or walk off the competition floor, but did what all great mothers do… showed our daughter she was loved and safe.  With quick words of encouragement and a mother’s touch, she was able to turn the cries into laughter.  The two got back into the competition and while my daughter let my wife do most of the work, the two finished the event together and with smiles on their faces!

I could not be Prouder of both my wife and daughter.  They each took on a new challenge, met with adversity and found a way to adapt and overcome.  We as a Family learned a valuable lesson that day. Sometimes in Life you are met with undesirable circumstances, obstacles and hardships, however, if you move forward without being discouraged and continue to work towards your goal then these are the moments that produce the greatest rewards and experiences.

Big Thanks to Dominic and Christy of Caution CrossFit for not only organizing a great competition, but for incorporating a tremendous event that allowed all the families to have a great time together.

Photo by: Jota Murillo