Fuck Cancer

Cancer has touched and affected almost everyone we know and some we care about in one way or another.  The inspiration and design for this project is straight from the Box Junkie Family with several of our dear friends, teammates and their family members being affected recently.  Most recently a long time Box Junkie team member and graphic designer has brought their family's current battle with Cancer to life in this design which appropriately sums up in both text and design many of our feelings. 


With 100% of the proceeds from each and every shirt purchased to be donated to Cancer Research in the name of the family we hope you can do your part to show your Support not just for this family but for each and every person you know that Cancer has affected both directly and indirectly.  Please join us in our efforts to help fight back and provide those doing the research the support they need to save lives.


**As this is a Donation driven project it will be on a Pre-Order basis... the Pre-Order will extend until Wednesday 06/14/2017 at which time the shirts will go into production and orders will begin shipping.  We THANK YOU in advance for your support and do not hesitate to contact us with questions.**