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 Here's what I thought of my February TreatBox... 



The theme of this box is Self Love as Valentines Day is in February. This box includes a keyring, socks, a motivational quote postcard, stickers and a bag  all designed by TreatBox. I love the self love club bag and have already used it to take stationary into my new job. 

Bubble T Raspberry Iced Tea Body Lotion

I have heard of Bubble Tea as a drink but never Bubble T as a cosmetics brand, the packaging concept is fun and the flavour of raspberry ice tea is different and not one I've tried before in any kind of cosmetic. Bubble T are a vegan friendly company and against animal testing. As well as body lotion they also sell bath bombs, shower gel and hand sanitiser


Gardner's Cookies Valentines Day Cookie 


Gardner is the name of the family bakery running since 1910, they specialise in shortbread. They also do personalised biscuits,  selection boxes and monthly  subscription boxes. This is the limited edition Valentines shortbread cookie, Gardner's Cookies have always been very tasty and I don't doubt that this one will be too!   

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