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 Here's what I thought of my January TreatBox... 



The theme of this box is New Year New Me and includes a 2022 diary, a monthly habit tracker, a bookmark, a motivational quote postcard and onyx beads all designed by TreatBox. I really like this months theme and the fact the colour theme of most of the items match and I will definitely be using the diary and the bookmark.  

Chickidee Homeware Candle -

I have received items from Chickidee in a TreatBox before and that particular item was a candle as well, although a much chunkier one. My personal preference with candles are big chunky ones because I don't yet have a candle holder to put the tall skinny type of candle in.  I love Chickidee's aesthetic and at the moment they have a 60% sale on at the moment 


Vitamasques Gold Dust Sheet Mask  


Vitamasques are a South Korean based brand specialising in cruelty free beauty techniques. I have actually had the chance to test this mask out and although it says gold dust it's really more of a gold speckled effect but doesn't really effect the outcome of the mask. It left my face feeling fresh and plumped and I definitely would recommend. The website automatically directs you to the US version of Vitamasques but helpfully directs you on how to find the US version. 

Clipper Peppermint Tea -


Clipper are a sustainable company that specialise in unbleached teabags, plastic free and 98% of their factory waste is recycled. I prefer tea to coffee but I don't think I've evert tried this organic peppermint infusion flavour of tea so will most likely give this a try sometime soon.

Daily Concepts Soap Sponge - 


This Aloe Vera soap sponge from Daily Concepts is quite a unique idea, it washes  like soap but once wet feels like a sponge and will hold liquid just like a norma sponge does. Their website has lots of vegan and natural beauty products to buy and their blog has a Q+A section where you can find out more about Daily Concept's products.  

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