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This month received the gathering knot placemat project, just from this name it's hard to figure out exactly what it might be but from the picture you can see that it's just a different way of creating a table placemat . I have updated previous pages with the progress of other projects I have started but forgot to take a picture of the marble candle holder before I gave it as a birthday present to my mum but will do this soon.   

I've finally finished this project! It's taken me about 5 months to    finish because of how much rope there was and only having time to do it at the weekend. I found it really therapeutic to wind the string around the rope but much harder to sew through the rope to keep it all together. I was only supposed to sew on one side but unfortunately I lost track of what side was the top and the bottom so you can see the sewing thread on the top. Apart from this I'm really proud of how the placement mat turned out as I'd never attempted anything like this before. 

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