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 There must be a theme with the boxes I've received this month! This time I was sent card making materials with seeds. I'm not quite sure exactly what it is or how you do it but I'm intrigued to try it. Looking at the pictures and the envelopes in the box I think you press the seeds into the paper using the wire mesh and then you can use them as birthday cards or something similar to that. I've always liked the idea of homemade cards so I'll definitely give this a go. The postcards are super cute again and I have a plan with what I'm going to do with them and the ones I received last month.  

Unfortunately I haven't got round to finishing the embroidered tea towel but I did finish the needle felting project so I'm slowly getting there!

Heading 2

Here is the finished project! It didn't quite go to plan. The first time around I think I used too much of the pulp mixture and as a result of this the second time around I had too little which meant that the paper kept tearing and wouldn't hold together. I didn't read the instructions properly so I didn't know there was enough for two sheets of paper, oops! My original plan of giving the cards as birthday cards won't work now as they' d look nothing like cards and be a bit of an embarrassment too be honest but I think I will use the seeds to grow some plants eventually. 

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