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 Here's what I thought of my September TreatBox... 



The theme of this box is Relax and includes a self care journal an eye mask, socks and a colouring in sheet all designed by TreatBox.  

Seed And Bean Lavender Dark Chocolate



Pukka Night Time Organic


Pukka Tea's not to be confused with Pukka Pies! All products on their
website have a unique design and like Seed and Bean they provide tasty recipes that their products can be used in. The website also provides lots of interesting information on wellbeing - from digestion to energy.  I'm a fan of tea but haven't tried this particular flavour from Pukka so I'm looking forward to getting cosy with a nice cup of tea!    

This bar of chocolate from Seed And Bean is one of two items in this months
box not 
made and designed at TreatBox. Their website includes interesting
recipes that the products can be used in and they have a store locater - it
looks like the chocolate is mainly stocked in Sainsbury's - near me anyway.
Seed And Bean use organic ingredients and the foil the chocolate is wrapped
in is 100& compostable. I don't think I've tried lavender in any form of 
chocolate let alone dark chocolate so this should be an interesting try!         

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