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Stitch Fix is a clothes subscription service box and I have a love/hate relationship with them which you can read about here:   

As previously said in my last Stitch Fix blog I was going to look at another clothes subscription service - that didn't happen but I decided to order one off box just for a treat.   


Here's what I thought about this month's box...

Mauvette - Stella Embroidered Star Sweat Jumper  - £42.00


It's really frustrating that Mauvette don't have a website but they are exclusive to Stitch Fix. I can see myself wearing this as a casual jumper - either around the house with comfy trousers or out and about paired with jeans. At £42 it is a bit expensive for something so causal but that's Stitch Fix for you. 

&ET -Madrid Printed Twist Front Mini Dress - £45.00

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&ET also don't have a website but I've received nice clothes from them before so know their standard of clothing. I tried this dress on and it fit perfectly, it showed just the right amount of cleavage which sometimes can be an issue for me and it also has pockets which is a bonus. My only criticism is that the pockets make my hips look a bit wide but apart from that I really like the dress. Now that summer is almost over I think I would wear this dress with tights and  jacket.     

Mauvette - Vivienne High Rise Stretch Skinny Jeans - £45.00 

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I bought some jeans from the brand Only via Stitch Fix  around Christmas time and still find them super comfy so I'm currently not looking for jeans. They're quite 
expensive at £45, also  quite plain if the jeans had some kind of detail I might be tempted. Being quite short I struggle to find jeans that I don't have to roll up at the bottom but these actually fit me quite nicely. 


Bianco Claire Lace Up Boot - £64.99

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I used to have a pair of boots like this when I was younger and was obsessed with them. Bianco looks very upmarket with quality products so would be potentially okay with spending  a lot on them. These boots would go with the minidress from &ET.  I tried these boots on and unfortunately they weren't comfy - my feet didn't have much space and my little toes were being squished.  

Knomo Mini Chiltern Laptop Tote Backpack - £149.00 

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I did really like this bag especially the red lining inside but unfortunately I saw the price and thought I'd leave it! I don't need a laptop bag for work anyway, although it doesn't have to be used to store a laptop.  

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This month I decided to keep the jumper from Mauvette and the mini dress from  &ET. Altogether this box came to £77. 00 as I had already paid the £10 styling fee. Stitch Fix is the only clothes subscription service that I have found that is easy to use and ships to the UK so that's probarbly why the prices are quite upmarket. I'm going to carry on with Stitch Fix but on a less regular basis - maybe twice a year.  

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