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 Here's what I thought of my October TreatBox... 



The theme of this box is Self Care and includes a pad and pen to help make decisions, Pumpkin Spice scented wax melts and an Autumn essentials card all designed by TreatBox.  

Joe + Seph's Toffee Apple + Cinnamon Gourmet Popcorn 


MSH Purple Heart Scarf - 


MSH stands for Miss Shorthair  - a wholesale clothing and accessories 
company based 
in Glasgow. I could only access the homepage of their website, you have to sign up to see the rest of the website which is a shame because a lot of revenue is made from people browsing the website on a one off. This particular scarf has a heart pattern and is quiet lightweight, it would be okay for no - early October but not the height of winter.   

Olee Cosmetics Pumpkin Spice Whipped Soap 

I've always been aware of Joe + Seph's but thought they were a bit
upmarket when regular popcorn is just as nice. They have various flavours
both sweet and savoury from salted caramel to the more unusual goats
cheese and black pepper. They've even released a limited edition 007 Dry
Martini flavour to celebrate the new James Bond. Joe + Seph's website also
includes all the equipment and ingredients that you can buy to make your
own gourmet popcorn.  


Olee Cosmetics are vegan friendly and have worked to considerably reduce plastic in their products. This flavour is pumpkin spiced and smells amazing, it's left me craving a pumpkin spiced latte! Whipped Soap is a product I'd never heard of before and would be interested to find out more but despite this there is not a lot of information about it in the Olee Cosmetics website.  

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