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Here's what I thought of this month's box...

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Lisa Angel Planter - 


I had never heard of the brand Lisa Angel before so researched the brand and found as well as planters they also do jewellery and other homeware, all of it super cute and at a decent price. I am not really a 'plant person' since I always forgot to water the one plant I do have but maybe this will encourage me to become one. 


Seedball Seed Box -


I'm quite glad that these seed balls came with this month's box because if I had to buy them myself I probably wouldn't bother. It seems like you can only get them in packs of 10 and not being green fingered myself I probably wouldn't spend as much as £18 on them. All the designs on the box are super cute though especially this hedgehog one. 


Purity Natural Beauty Pink Clay Mask

As mentioned on the previous page I have recently got into self care and face masks so will be trying this one out. The packaging on the outside of the jar is plantable and I think that's a really cool idea! The only down side to this product is the acid is Hyaluronic and when I used the previous product with this acid in it left my face feeling a bit sticky so I definitely think Salicylic Acid works best for me but that wouldn't put me off using it. 


Salcombe Dairy Milk Chocolate Rose -

don't think there's much I can say about this, other than receiving chocolate in a Moi Meme box is never a bad thing!

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