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Having said I was longer going to review Moi Meme I realised that I only suspended my account instead of cancelling it!

Here's what I thought of this month's box...

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LSW London Mind Notes Journal -

LSW London sell products that help with improved self-esteem, better sleep, increased confidence and wellbeing. This is a six month journal that includes thoughts for the day, mantras for the week and a self care plan. I really like all the colours of all the products on the website and the idea of a mind journal to help me focus whether I actually use it or not is another thing but I would like to think I would! 


Scentered Focus Aromatherapy Balm -

Although this is a balm it's different to a lip balm, you apply it to your temples, wrist and neck and you can also inhale it. On the Scentered website they have six categories - sleep well, de-stress, escape, focus, love and happy and they have different scents for each category. This scent is Rosemary, Mint and Clary Sage - I'm not exactly sure what Clary Sage is but the Rosemary and Mint combined  make a very calming smell. 


Coco Pzazz Peppermint Dark Chocolate Buttons -

Coco Pzazz have a varied range of sweet products from chocolate bars and buttons to fudge and include interesting flavours that you wouldn't normally associate with chocolate including toasted almond.  All their packing is compostable and they only supply to independent retailers so can't be found in supermarkets. I of course   had to have a taste test and the peppermint and dark chocolate worked very well together! 

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