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Craftiosity sends you fun craft ideas every month - a great idea during lockdown. This month I was sent the materials to make an embroidered moon tea towel. I like the idea of being artistic but I never seem to finish one project before starting another: I currently have a painting by numbers on the go and a needle felting project to complete so it might take me some time to complete this one! I think the postcards are a nice touch and I look forward to decorating my house with them. Stay tuned to hear how this project goes...

This project was quite therapeutic to do in my spare time but the amount of time it took towards the end of the project I just wanted to get it finished rather than focusing on the details. I'm not experience in sewing or embroidering but it was fun to try something new, I don't think it can be used as a tea towel though because of all the loose threads  attached to it. Instead I'm going to hang it up somewhere, almost like a tapestry.  


Update: I finally finished my painting by numbers! This one is of Amsterdam which I will hopefully get to visit one day! I really enjoy painting by numbers, I have done a few now and when I next have a few days where I can just sit and get on with it I will definitely be ordering another one. 

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