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This month's box is the terracotta pot craft kit, which includes the tools to make and decorate a clay pot. I have always liked the look of clay terracotta pots and how intricate you can make the designs so I look forward to giving this a go. I have finally finished my painting by numbers that I mentioned in a previous post so my next focus is to finish the embroidered tea towel that was sent to me so many months back now!

I did this project over three days, it didn't quite go how I wanted it to but it was a good effort for a first attempt at pot making. I found it hard to measure out the clay to the correct measurements as it's not easy rolling clay to make it flat! As a result of this my pot is wonky and the markings aren't as neat as I would like. Also the feet didn't stand the weight of the pot and broke off when I tried to stand the pot up. 

I found the painting inside of the pot quite therapeutic and decided to paint splotches instead of just speckles to make it more of my own project. I was planning on giving this pot as a Christmas present before I started making it but now realistically I think I'll keep it to myself and have already put it on my bedside table and put hair clips and other bits and bobs in.  

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