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This month received a marble candle holder project. I am yet to start any of the projects I've received  but I have a week off work coming up so plan to start if not finish a couple of projects. Stay tuned to this page to see completed photos!

I have also had the idea of gifting the projects as birthday/Christmas presents so when I do finish them I'll have plenty of time and won't panic when it comes to the festive period. 


This was super fun to do! I'd never used marble ink before and it was really interesting to see how the ink turned from splodges in the water to patterns on the candle holder. It didn't exactly work out how I wanted - one side was more blue and the other side (pictured) turned out more black but it fits in the room that it now lives in. It did take a long time for the ink to dry but I think that's because I dipped it in several times because it wasn't covering the candle holder completely. I gave the finished candle holder to my mum as a birthday present and, although it doesn't have any candles in yet, I think she really likes it!

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