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This month's box  is a cork notice board that once painted you would then cut the boards using a template that will show the different colours to create a pattern. I have finally finished the embroidered tea towel and have now started the knot placement project, although it's taking longer than I anticipated! I have some time off coming up soon so plan to finish off the remaining projects I have still to do.

I did this project over three days, I enjoyed parts of it like painting the different sections but I found cutting out the different parts quite fiddely. The colours I chose for the boards went really well together (blue and red) but I'm not sure why the instructions said to leave the top boards unpainted when the picture above looks like they are painted. I think it would have looked better if all the cork boards were painted. It was nice to do something different but all in all this wasn't my favourite Craftiosity project.    

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