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Stitch Fix is a clothes subscription service box and I have a love/hate relationship with them which you can read about here:   

Here's what I thought about this month's box...

Market & Spruce - Amia Mini Skirt - £36.00


I was unaware of the brand Market & Spruce before receiving this month's box so tried to research them but couldn't find a website for the brand. Before I received this box I was thinking of buying a new plain black skirt for work, the white ties and pockets might be a bit casual and the price might be a bit high but I'm willing to pay this much if it's an item I will wear regularly. 

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Market & Spruce - Skye Cowl Neck Shift Dress - £36.00

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A shift dress is not something that I would normally go for when clothes shopping but I was intrigued by the item. The material felt nice to the touch but unfortunately once I tried it on I realised it wasn't for me. The way the dress sits on me doesn't fit my body shape and the hem of the dress kind of ended very flat. The neck was also something that didn't really suit my taste very well.    

In Wear - Faylinn O Neck T-Shirt - £34.95

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I have heard of In Wear before but their website is not easy to use. The colour of this T-shirt is nice and would fit with any outfit, although it's quite see through. However I wouldn't spend this much on such a simple item, 

&ET - Valerie High Rise Jeans - £45.00

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I tried to research this brand but again found they don't have a  website. I recently bought myself some new jeans and loved these jeans  so  much that I'm not sure I would buy jeans from another brand other than the brand below so I don't think I would buy this item  for the price they are. 

Only  - Shilo Pu Sneaker - £32.00

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The jeans I mentioned above were from the brand Only and I was really impressed with them so I would be willing to give these sneakers a chance. Sneakers that are not for sports and more of a casual look aren't really my style but I'm open to new ideas. They were super comfy when I tried them on, the only problem would be that them being white they might get dirty quickly.  The price would be what I would normally pay for sports trainers.  

This month I decided to keep the sneakers from Only as I am faithful to this particular brand and the black mini skirt from Market & Spruce as I was thinking of purchasing a black skirt for work anyway.  Altogether this box came to £58.00 as I had already paid the £10 styling fee. In the next box from Stitch Fix I hope to see items with a bit more quality rather than the simple garments I was sent this time. 

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